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Nextlove if for those of us unlucky enough to have loved and lost, whether through divorce, or separation, next love wants to help you find that special someone to start a fresh with.


Categories: Single Parent Dating.

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NextLove is a social network founded in 2013 to cater for single and divorced parents looking for a second chance at love. The dating site is the first of its kind and it caters to a specific group of citizenry. It has become the largest meeting place for single and divorced parents in the Nordic lands.

NextLove was created to cater for a specific group of people who might have other expectations and a different concept of love after going through a divorce or having children. Such life altering situations can change the outlook of many, including how they view dating and love, and they usually look for the same outlook on life in their new partner.

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NextLove’s matching system is founded on scientifically-established relationship and compatibility research, which will give their members the best matches possible. It is equally simple as resolving some questions about yourself and your lifestyle and Next Love will find the best matches, and the rest is up to you!

It is safe and fun to touch someone to Next Love as the platform passes the members a place to interact before the significant step of coming together in person. They also sustain a large squad of professionals devoted to keeping their users safe and they hold pride in keeping only real users on NextLove. The staff is also dedicated to ensure your full security and confidentiality on NextLove 24/7. This website doesn’t exist anymore!

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