Bill McKnight eMobile Code Review – Is A Big Scam?

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“eMobile Code Review”

eMOBILE CODE REVIEW:  Bill McKnight has come up with a new organization that can accomplish you money on the cyberspace. He is calling it the mobile code system. I decided to determine how dependable is that and whether one can genuinely make money with it or it is a scam.
By reading my review of eMobile today, you will find out what is this all about, how it works, how much work is involved, is it a scam and lot more. Do let me know in the comments if you want to know more about this scheme once you have read my follow-up.

emobile-code.jpg Watch this short video presentation…

In this review, I will explain to you:

  1. What is mobile Code System & Software.
  2. Who is telling Bill McKnight the truth?
  3. How does it works and its various characteristics.
  4. Who can use it and how do you get paid.
  5. My results using this system.

eMobile Code comes in 3 options, each with one time fee only. The 1st Option will cost you $49 and another one will cost you $19. On that point is yet a 3rd option but I will suggest you to avoid it because it puts up zero.

The 1st option offers you:

  • UNLIMITED Access to eMobile Code
  • *BONUS* Supercharged Training
  • 30 Done For You eMobile Businesses
  • *BONUS* 20 Done For You eMobile Businesses
  • *BONUS* 50 Desktop based Businesses
  • 6 Week *BONUS* Coaching
  • $20 FREE Advertising Credit

The 2nd option offers you :

  • UNLIMITED Access to
    eMobile Code
  • 30 Done For You eMobile

Now, since you know what you will get by paying for the system, let’s talk about the system; how it works and makes you money. Let me show you, the members area of a mobile code system created by Bill McKnight…

emobile-code-members-area.jpgEqually you can see, this is how the members area will look like. Please note that I purchased the full mobile code system about which I talked above. In case you buy the discounted version, you may not see few things like shown in the picture to a more eminent position.
I’ve cut down a broad quantity of days using mobile codes and properly evaluated the pros and cons of it. This system by bill McKnight is actually a very new fashion to gain money online. It is NOT about MLM, blogging, surveys, Google Adwords, Adsense, cpv, caps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever other type of marketing method.

The system actually offers you a web based software system that creates special mobile code websites (mobile optimized website) for you by just satisfying in some details which are very easy like what public figure you would like to present, contact details etc. They also have several ready-made websites which you can decide to give. These websites are very high converting and tested by big marketers and optimized for best possible funnel conversion.

Adding to it, you get access to eMobile code amplifier which boosts traffic to your website through a clever Facebook app which automatically sends messages to your visitors Facebook wall.

You also have access to viral video velocity system which allows you to fix and store pictures and send video emails to the email addresses you enter.

Don’t worry about everything being technical since you get access to training material that instructs you how to use it and make money. I personally found it to be fairly straightforward and there is no steep learning curve in this. One can easily get taken up exercising it if he/she knows how to use computer and internet.

In case you feel any difficulty, do not consider releasing. This is the worst choice one needs in life – i.e. Quitting something half-way into it. You can contact their support staff for any help you need and don’t forget you have 60 days money back guarantee if you still feel this is not working for you or it is not as easy as you thought…

Bill McKnight eMobile Code REVIEW – A Big Scam?, 8.9 out of 10 based on 67 ratings


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